Stringify(door) is a collection of 7500 minimalist doors randomly generated by the Ethereum blockchain and stored in it forever. Each door is a unique, authentic blockchain piece of art composed of 45 lines of 75 symbols each. Doors are access tokens.



0.02 ETH per door
4 doors max per transaction
50% of funds collected since 3 December will be allocated to The Labyrinth P2E experience and giveaways, and will be winnable by players
7500 / 10000 already minted


30 Oct 2021
Presale mint for insiders

31 Oct to 3 Nov 2021
Public mint

Nov/Dec 2021
Development of The Labyrinth

16 Dec to 31 Dec 2021
The Labyrinth mint

The Labyrinth wall-art drop & Play2Earn experience

Utility of doors

In addition to the authentic art it provides, the door NFTs will grant its owners access to our future projects. The next project is an exclusive NFT - Play to Earn collection only door owners can participate in: The Labyrinth. Maze tokens are claimable for free and only by door owners.

Benefits of being insider

Being an insider will give you early access to our future projects. Insiders will be able to mint The Labyrinth mazes first. To become an insider you will need to succeed at one of our challenges. No upcoming challenges are planned for now.